Let’s talk senses: exploring the five senses

What are the five senses and how do they keep us safe?

As you pass through the entrance gate at a carnival, you can already smell funnel cake, hear laughter of children on the Ferris wheel, and see flashing lights of a nearby game. You feel your sibling’s hand grab your arm in excitement as neither of you can wait to taste cotton candy from the closest stand. Our five senses (to see with our eyes, to hear with our ears, to smell with our nose, to taste with our tongue, and to touch with our skin) not only allow us to experience the incredible world around us, but they also help to keep us safe from danger.

The organs associated with each of the five senses send vital information to the brain, which is the control center for everything that goes on in the body. If you bite into a slice of pizza, and it is your favorite food, your face might light up with a delighted smile. However, if you take a sip of hot-chocolate directly off the stovetop, you might spit the liquid back into the cup out of reaction to the pain sensation that your tastebuds are sending to your brain about the burning hot liquid. Foundational general health information about the body and how it works, including the five senses, is vital for students to begin learning at any early age. For children, this kind of information can spark interest in health and motivation to be proactive about taking care of the body.

How Byrnes can help

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How to learn more

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